I am searching for (hopefully) a library that provides tested implementations of APriori and FP-growth algorithms, in python, to compute itemsets mining.

I searched through SciPy and Scikit-learn but I did not find anything. Could anyone point me to something reliable?


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    I do not get why this is on hold, while stackoverflow.com/questions/14236314/… is open. Answers are by default opinionated, each one by his author. I asked here because, as there is not a well known implementation, I do not want to take the first gist I get from Google and use it, since it can be not reliable (and I did find something like this).. – gc5 Mar 9 '14 at 18:27

One possible solution is PyFIM.

It is not provided by pip, but can be downloaded from the previous link. It is created by the author of this article.

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    Thanks, I found this implementation github.com/asaini/Apriori, but did not work for me. I think my CSV might contain special characters and the program is not robust enought to deal with them, so no rules are found for my case. PyFIM works faster (has a C implementation within) and has no problem with characters. Cool package. – Irene Feb 3 '15 at 12:43

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