I am a Laravel newbie. I want to pass the results of a database query to a view. I get an error message "Use of undefined constant tasks - assumed 'tasks'". What am I doing wrong?

My code is as follows:

class TasksController extends BaseController{
    public function index(){
        $tasks = Task::all();

        //return View::make(tasks.index, ['tasks' => $tasks]);
        return View::make(tasks.index, compact('tasks'));

A snippet from my template page is shown below:

    <h1>All tasks!</h1>

    @foreach($tasks as $task)
        <li>{{ $task-title }} </li>
return View::make('tasks.index')->with(compact('tasks'));

also change:

<li>{{ $task-title }} </li>


<li>{{ $task->title }} </li>

should be like this.


Try this,

 return View::make(tasks.index, $tasks);

instead of

return View::make(tasks.index, compact('tasks'));
  • Thank you for your help! – user1801060 Mar 8 '14 at 20:59

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