This regular expression works fine for matching the pattern 'ab_' when not preceded by a single quote or a dollar sign:


but if I try, for example, to add a bracket before the single quote


I get this error

Variable length lookbehind not implemented in regex;

What does this error mean and is there a way to make the second example work? It is likely I am overlooking something basic since I am no expert, so please point out anything I am missing.


The error means that in Perl, a lookbehind assertion has to have a fixed-length pattern. ('|\$) is fine because the pattern only matches a length-1 substring, but (\['|\$) could match either a length-1 substring ($) or a length-2 substring ([').

In your case, you can fix this by just using two separate lookbehinds, each with a fixed-length pattern, one for each case you want to rule out:


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