I have two layers. Each layer has a primitive drawing in it with OpenGL like this:

void Layer1::drawPolygon()

    // Anti-Aliased

    // filled poly
    Point filledVertices[] = { Point(10,120), Point(50,120), Point(50,170), Point(25,200), Point(10,170) };
    DrawPrimitives::drawSolidPoly(filledVertices, 5, Color4F(0.5f, 0.5f, 1, 1 ) );

When I addChild these layers to a scene and set Z orders 1 and 2, I see that I can bring one primitive on top of another and vice versa - when I exchange the Z order values. The strange things start when I addChild a sprite into one of these layers. If I addChild a sprite, then sprite lays on top of the primitive of that layer, and not only that layer. Even if the layer has smaller Z index, anyway its sprite is on top of other layer's primitive, while its primitive is below the other primitive shape - as was expected. Is this OK? How I should understand this? What if I want to draw primitives on top of all sprites?


I could manipulate their order, but not drawing order, with the following:


But I don't understand why sprites in a layer with smaller Z order are being drawn later than the primitives of the layer with bigger Z order. In other words, seems that all the primitives from all the layers is being drawn according to their order, then the same is being done for the sprites.

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Due to the new multithreader renderer on cocos2d-x 3.0, drawing with primitives requires a different approach. Take a look at my reply at this thread:



I believe there is a bug in cocos2d-x V3 beta 2 that makes primitive drawing always appear below all layers. It is fixed (I understand) in V3.0 RC

This is incorrect - there is no bug (I was mislead by other posts - my apologies).

See the post below for a link explaining what needs to happen to get primitives to draw in the 'right' z-order.

The summary is that all drawing operations are added to a queue in the game loop, then the queue processed - so you need to add your primitive drawing into the queue rather than drawing immediately.

  • where I can download RC?
    – Narek
    Commented Mar 14, 2014 at 13:56

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