I have installed Service Bus for Windows Server (Service Bus 1.1) on my machine (Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64).

I am using the sample c# code to create a simple message sender/receiver as shown here: http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/documentation/articles/service-bus-dotnet-advanced-message-queuing/

When I use the default TransportType.NetMessaging the console application runs fine and I can send/receive messages to my queue.

When I change the config file (or code) to use TransportType.Amqp the console application starts and I immediately get the exception:

An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

(Note: this occurs when the messageReceiver.Receive() method is called).

It feels like a firewall/port blocked thing but the Service Bus install did successfully add a bunch of exceptions to my firewall that include:

SBHttpsPort [Inbound, Local Address=Any, Remote Address=Any, Protocol=TCP,9355, 9002, 9359, 9002]
Service Bus Gateway [Inbound, Local Address=Any, Remote Address=Any, Protocol=TCP, 9354, 5672, 5671]
Sevice Bus Message Broker [Inbound, Local Address=Any, Remote Address=Any, Protocol=TCP, 9356, 5672, 5671]
Service Bus Resource Provider [Inbound, Local Address=Any, Remote Address=Any, Protocol=TCP, 9359, 5672, 5671]
Service Bus VSS [Inbound, Local Address=Any, Remote Address=Any, Protocol=TCP, 9356, 5672, 5671]

There are also matching exceptions for the outbound rules.

Service Bus Gateway (out)
Sevice Bus Message Broker (out)
Service Bus Resource Provider (out)
Service Bus VSS (out)

I am on a corporate network so I cannot turn off the firewall to see what that does.

When I look in the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security->Monitoring->Firewall I do see the inbound exceptions for Service Bus but I don't see the Service Bus * (out) firewall exceptions (could this be the issue?).

Could anyone please help me figure out what is going on with Amqp on my machine?



Use port 5671 for the RuntimePort.

If you are using a connection string, it should look like:

Endpoint=sb://machine1.contoso.com/ServiceBusDefaultNamespace; StsEndpoint=https://machine1.contoso.com:9355/ServiceBusDefaultNamespace; RuntimePort=5671;ManagementPort=9355;WindowsUsername=userName;WindowsDomain=contoso; WindowsPassword=passssword; TransportType=Amqp


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