I am new in vim and i want to copy text from gedit and paste in vim. In vim I know copy paste by command mode and visual mode but from gedit to vim I have no idea.

Is it possible?


Copy whatever you like, in Vim, press Shift+Insert to paste content in clipboard into file. Make sure you are in Insert Mode. It works well in Ubuntu 12.10 as long as I tried.

EDIT Before the paste, it is recommended to enter the paste mode (by :set paste) of vim in case you meet some un-wanted feature like incorrect auto-indent. (Thanks to @DmitryFrank)

  • great its work :) – Rituraj ratan Mar 10 '14 at 6:47
  • If you paste like this (not like merlin2011 explained), it actually worths to type :set paste before pressing Shift+Insert, to make 100% sure you avoid any issues. After pasting, type :set nopaste. Read :help paste for details. – Dmitry Frank Mar 10 '14 at 10:48
  • @DmitryFrank Exactly! set the paste mode to prevent auto indent or other un-wanted features for pasting. I forgot to point it out. Thanks for your comment. – J Jiang Mar 11 '14 at 2:09
  • @JJiang Thanks a lot. it works. – Biswajit Das Jun 29 '16 at 12:16
  • :set paste saved me – iloveretards Sep 5 '17 at 14:38

I assume you are running windows and using gvim. To copy from Notepad, just select the text and use the normal Ctrl-C. To paste in vim, specify the clipboard register in normal mode and use the normal p command like this "+p.

Similarly, you can go the other way with "+yy to grab a line from vim.

If you are in Ubuntu or some other Linux, the above trick should still work, but you need to make sure you have the full version of vim with clipboard enabled. In Ubuntu, try running sudo apt-get install vim-gtk.

  • It's worth adding that the clipboard register is a general thing, and you can use it to go the other way: "+y to copy. – pandubear Mar 10 '14 at 6:31
  • i am using ubantu – Rituraj ratan Mar 10 '14 at 6:31
  • 1
    Where did you get Notepad in Ubuntu? – merlin2011 Mar 10 '14 at 6:32
  • gedit using in ubantu – Rituraj ratan Mar 10 '14 at 6:32

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