Object htmlDocument.Body.All is not null. Why does GetEnumerator() return null?

IEnumerator<HtmlElement> hm =  htmlDocument.Body.All.GetEnumerator() as      
  • There are 3 HtmlElement classes in the .NET framework that I can see, and that's the only specific type identified in your code fragment. Would you care to add a bit more info so that we even know which classes you're using here? Mar 10 '14 at 7:34

You are casting it using as and if as fails, it returns null. Try it like this, to see what the exact return type is without assuming anything or casting:

var hm =  htmlDocument.Body.All.GetEnumerator();

I think you want this. Although why you want an Enumerator<HtmlElement> I have no clue.

IEnumerator<HtmlElement> hm =  htmlDocument.Body.All

In most cases you will find that you can do things much more easily with

foreach(var element in htmlDocument.Body.All.OfType<HtmlElement>())
  • Because I want to parse html into my model.
    – maszynaz
    Mar 10 '14 at 7:52

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