I'm developing a cross-platform mobile app using Cordova, focussing mainly on iOS in the development stage.

For my development process it would be ideal if I could start my Cordova app directly from the command line and have it load into a specified emulator. I can do this by running the following from the project root directory:

$cordova run --debug --emulator iOS

This works fine, and results in an iOS-simulator running my app in a simulated iPhone 4 Retina with iOS 7.0.3

Besides this simulated device, I would also like to test on (for instance) an iPad. I have these emulation images installed, and I can start my app in them manually in Xcode. Also, the command list-emulator-images (located in project_dir/platforms/ios/cordova/lib) gives the following output:

"iPhone Retina (3.5-inch)"
"iPhone Retina (4-inch)"
"iPhone Retina (4-inch 64-bit)"
"iPad Retina"

However, the thing is: I can't seem to figure out how to start the emulator in anything other than the default (which appears to be the iPhone Retina (4-inch) emulation image). The relevant output of cordova help gives the following information:

run [--debug|--release]
    [PLATFORM] ............................ deploys app on specified platform devices / emulators

I've tried things like the following:

cordova run --debug --emulator=iPad iOS

And many variations thereof, but no luck. Every time it starts in the same emulator.

The documentation for the command-line tool doesn't offer any information in this regard, and an extensive Google-search also failed to turn up anything. Am I missing something trivial? Or am I trying to do something weird? I really hope someone here has experience with this, and can provide some answers.

Thanks very much in advance!

edit: forgot to mention explicitly; I'm doing all this on a Mac. As mentioned earlier, running the app in different emulators/simulators in Xcode works fine.

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To find out what are the simulator images available you can use to list them

$ cordova emulate ios --list
Available iOS Virtual Devices:
    iPhone-4s, 9.3
    iPhone-5, 9.3
    iPhone-5s, 9.3
    iPhone-6, 9.3
    iPhone-6-Plus, 9.3
    iPhone-6s, 9.3
    iPhone-6s-Plus, 9.3
    iPad-2, 9.3
    iPad-Retina, 9.3
    iPad-Air, 9.3
    iPad-Air-2, 9.3
    iPad-Pro, 9.3

Then use one of the simulator names in the --target parameter:

cordova emulate ios --target="iPhone-4s, 9.3"
cordova emulate ios --target="iPad-Air-2, 9.3"
cordova emulate ios --target="iPhone-6s, 9.3"
cordova emulate ios --target="iPhone-6-Plus, 9.3"

Important Quit the simulator before launching a different target simulator (On Menu bar select Simulator->Quit)

Take into account that you may need to quit the iOS simulator via menu to switch from 3.5 to 4 inch iPhone.

dynamic list is available in platforms/ios/cordova/lib/list-emulator-images

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    Thanks, this helped. What was your source for this? Just wondering how I could have figured this out myself... The answer to this question also helped a lot: stackoverflow.com/questions/13877840/… Apparently 'cordova emulate' is a wrapper voor ios-sim, which you can also talk to directly. This is what I ended up doing, so I can build & launch my code directly from my IDE of choice.
    – EggMeister
    Commented Mar 13, 2014 at 8:45
  • I just ran this command and can confirm the 4.7 and 5.5 inch emulators are not listed, even with Xcode 6 installed :-( Commented Oct 17, 2014 at 19:11
  • Hi, I tried this command "./platforms/ios/cordova/lib/list-emulator-images" but I didn't see all options,, NO iPhone 6,NO iPhone 6-Plus, NO iPad-Air what would be the problem? Thanks Commented Jan 24, 2015 at 15:05
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    I don't really know why but for me Cordova CLI would throw "Error: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined" when specifying the target with quotes, I could only get it to work by running it like this cordova run ios --target=iPhone-6. Hope this saves someone else some trouble!
    – Gifford N.
    Commented May 5, 2017 at 14:46
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    I'm having the same problematic result as Gifford N. I'm using cordova 7.0.0 Commented May 10, 2017 at 18:20

As say csantanapr you can use:

cordova emulate ios --target="iPhone-4s"

but, in this case cordova (or PhoneGap or other) project will be launched on iPhone 4s simulator with iOS version 7.0.3.

If you want launch project on same simulator, but with other version iOS (7.1 or 8.0, if it versions exist in your system)?

Of corse, you can do like say cobberboy:

start a specific emulator and choose your ios version by directly using ios-sim.

But you can improve --target option of cordova run command.

At first you must ensure what target iOS version available on your system.

For it use answer of cobberboy:

$ ios-sim showdevicetypes

Then you need to open the file your_project_dir/platforms/ios/cordova/lib/run.js and find lines of code like below:

// validate target device for ios-sim
// Valid values for "--target" (case sensitive):
var validTargets = ['iPhone-4s', 'iPhone-5', 'iPhone-5s', 'iPhone-6-Plus', 'iPhone-6',
    'iPad-2', 'iPad-Retina', 'iPad-Air', 'Resizable-iPhone', 'Resizable-iPad'];

For use iPhone-4s, 7.1 (or some other) simple add it to array validTargets.

var validTargets = ['iPhone-4s', 'iPhone-4s, 7.1', 'iPhone-5', 'iPhone-5s', 'iPhone-6-Plus', 'iPhone-6',
    'iPad-2', 'iPad-Retina', 'iPad-Air', 'Resizable-iPhone', 'Resizable-iPad'];

And in

cordova emulate ios --target="iPhone-4s, 7.1"

your --target="iPhone-4s, 7.1" will be valid.

And function deployToSim of run.js:

function deployToSim(appPath, target) {
// Select target device for emulator. Default is 'iPhone-6'
if (!target) {
    target = 'iPhone-6';
    console.log('No target specified for emulator. Deploying to ' + target + ' simulator');
var logPath = path.join(cordovaPath, 'console.log');
var simArgs = ['launch', appPath,
    '--devicetypeid', 'com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.' + target,
    // We need to redirect simulator output here to use cordova/log command
    // TODO: Is there any other way to get emulator's output to use in log command?
    '--stderr', logPath, '--stdout', logPath,
return spawn('ios-sim', simArgs);

convert iPhone-4s, 7.1 to valid argument com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.iPhone-4s, 7.1 for ios-sim.

  • This works perfectly and allowed me to use ionic run ios --target='iPhone-6, 9.0' when using Ionic Framework.
    – jorisw
    Commented Sep 10, 2015 at 10:14
  • Good find 👍. I simply commented out the block that validates validTargets and I was able to specify the full platform, ex: "--target="iPhone-6, 8.4"". Would be really nice if Cordova delegated target validation to ios-sim.
    – Kyle Fox
    Commented Oct 6, 2015 at 17:50
  • This doesn't work for me. I typed garbage in run.js and it was ignored. Does npm cache this or something? How can I refresh npm's cache?
    – Randgalt
    Commented Jul 16, 2016 at 3:04
  • You can also run "ionic platform update ios" and you will be able to run the recently installed emulators Commented Oct 25, 2016 at 11:46


You can start a specific emulator and choose your ios version by directly using ios-sim.

export appname="./platforms/ios/build/emulator/Hello World.app"
ios-sim launch "$appname" --devicetypeid "com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.iPad-2, 8.0" --stderr ./platforms/ios/cordova/console.log --stdout ./platforms/ios/cordova/console.log


When I ran this:

cordova emulate ios --target="iPad"

and looked at the processes running, I saw this (on a single line):

ios-sim launch ./platforms/ios/build/emulator/HelloWorld.app 
        --stderr ./platforms/ios/cordova/console.log 
        --stdout ./platforms/ios/cordova/console.log 
        --family ipad 

Investigating further into ios-sim, it looks like there are some more specific options, particularly:

--devicetypeid <device type>    The id of the device type that should be simulated (Xcode6+). Use 'showdevicetypes' to list devices.
  e.g "com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.Resizable-iPhone6, 8.0"

So I did as it suggested and ran ios-sim with a "showdevicetypes" argument and got this:

$ ios-sim showdevicetypes
com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.iPhone-4s, 7.1
com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.iPhone-5, 7.1
com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.iPhone-5s, 7.1
com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.iPad-2, 7.1
com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.iPad-Retina, 7.1
com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.iPad-Air, 7.1
com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.iPhone-4s, 8.0
com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.iPhone-5, 8.0
com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.iPhone-5s, 8.0
com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.iPhone-6-Plus, 8.0
com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.iPhone-6, 8.0
com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.iPad-2, 8.0
com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.iPad-Retina, 8.0
com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.iPad-Air, 8.0
com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.Resizable-iPhone, 8.0
com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimDeviceType.Resizable-iPad, 8.0
  • How does this work for changing the default simulator? You're bypassing the cordova bit here and just launching directly, right?
    – mix3d
    Commented Oct 10, 2017 at 15:42

Don't include version number

cordova run ios --target="iPhone-6s"

As of Xcode 8.3.2...

Old thread, I know, but it seems, perhaps, that the answer has changed slightly. The hints from earlier posts in this thread helped, but so did reading the documentation included in the code, <cordova-project>/platforms/ios/cordova/lib/run.js

Execute ./platforms/ios/cordova/lib/list-emulator-images to list the available emulator images. Do not include the version number on the end when making the cordova call to run in the desired emulator.

cordova run ios --emulator --target="iPad-Air"

See more

  • thank god for your comment! It didn't work after the latest update and couldn't find any info. Just got the error message: "Error: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined" which was fixed after NOT including the ios version. Commented Jun 23, 2017 at 11:33
  • @MarcoRinck check the comment on answer, there is quick fix by typing: cordova run ios --target=iPhone-6
    – Kira Hao
    Commented Jun 28, 2017 at 3:55

I can't comment on the answer above due to my low reputation, but the list of targets is available from:



your platform/ios/cordova/lib/

Having said that, I cannot make the ipad retina emulator work...


fastest output of devices list: $ instruments -s devices

Just use the device name without the version.


Now is:

cordova run ios --list
Available ios devices:
Available ios virtual devices:
Apple-TV-1080p, tvOS 14.3
Apple-TV-4K-4K, tvOS 14.3
Apple-TV-4K-1080p, tvOS 14.3
Apple-Watch-Series-5-40mm, watchOS 7.2
Apple-Watch-Series-5-44mm, watchOS 7.2
Apple-Watch-Series-6-40mm, watchOS 7.2
Apple-Watch-Series-6-44mm, watchOS 7.2
iPhone-8, 14.3
iPhone-8-Plus, 14.3
iPhone-11, 14.3
iPhone-11-Pro, 14.3
iPhone-11-Pro-Max, 14.3
iPhone-SE--2nd-generation-, 14.3
iPhone-12-mini, 14.3
iPhone-12, 14.3
iPhone-12-Pro, 14.3
iPhone-12-Pro-Max, 14.3
iPod-touch--7th-generation-, 14.3
iPad-Pro--9-7-inch-, 14.3
iPad-Pro--11-inch---2nd-generation-, 14.3
iPad-Pro--12-9-inch---4th-generation-, 14.3
iPad--8th-generation-, 14.3
iPad-Air--4th-generation-, 14.3


cordova run ios --target="iPad-Pro--12-9-inch---4th-generation-, 14.3"

In Cordova 10.0.0


Different iphone and ipad simulator

  1. cordova run ios --list

  2. cordova emulate ios --target "iPhone-7"


Runs iOS simulator with web request based on already generated build for cordova application. Execute this request from browser opens simulator on mac with iPhone 8Plus version: http://hostname:3000/cordova/build/[xxxx-buildnumber]/emulate?target=iPhone-8-Plus


@Birja's answer is working right now but the run command he used finally is still wrong so here the right answer:

To list all the devices available in simulator cordova run ios --list

It will result in something like this:

Available ios devices:
Available ios virtual devices:
Apple-TV-1080p, tvOS 12.2
Apple-Watch-Series-2-38mm, watchOS 5.2
iPhone-5s, 12.2
iPhone-6, 12.2
iPad-Air-2, 12.2
iPad--5th-generation-, 12.2
iPad-Pro--9-7-inch-, 12.2
iPad-Pro, 12.2
iPad-Pro--12-9-inch---2nd-generation-, 12.2
iPad-Pro--10-5-inch-, 12.2
iPad--6th-generation-, 12.2
iPad-Pro--11-inch-, 12.2
iPad-Pro--12-9-inch---3rd-generation-, 12.2

cordova run ios --target "iPad-Pro, 12.2" Use any target from the above. To run in simulator.

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