I want to find out the largest sub array out of a multidimensional array in ruby. I have a multidimensional array as follows :

array = [[1,20],[2,40],[5,100],[7,15],[9,22]]

I want the first element of the sub array which second element is largest like in the above example I want the 5 as an output because second element of sub array [5,100] is largest which is 100. The output would be 5.

And if more then one element are maximum than i want all these.

Ex: array = [[1,20],[2,40],[5,100],[7,15],[9,22],[12,100]]

The out put in this case would be [5,12]

Thanks in advance.


You can use the Enumerable#max_by method to select the max element, and then project that element to the result value.

array.max_by{|a| a[1]}[0]


If you want all the elements with the maximum value, you can first get the max value from the array, and then filter the array with that value.

max_value = array.max_by{|a| a[1]}[1]
results = array.select{|a| a[1] == max_value}.map(&:first)

You may use one line expression, but I think that's less readable

array.group_by{|a| a[1]}.max_by{|k,v| k}[1].map(&:first)
  • +1 for linking the documentation. I would probably go with a hybrid of this and @dimuch's answer (since the question references the second element, rather than last): array.max_by { |a| a[1] }.first #=> 5 – Johnsyweb Mar 11 '14 at 5:38
  • Thanks Arie ..one more case i forget to mention is i want first element of all the sub element which are maximum,ex. [[1,20],[2,40],[5,100],[7,15],[9,22],[12,100]] in this case output would be [5,12] – neo-code Mar 11 '14 at 5:40
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    @Mayank updated – Arie Xiao Mar 11 '14 at 5:51
  • @Mayank If you found the answer helpful, please consider accepting it. Thanks – Arie Xiao Mar 11 '14 at 8:49

Try something like

a =  [[1,20],[2,40],[5,100],[7,15],[9,22],[12,100]]

max = a.map(&:last).max

a.select{|x|x.last==max}.map(&:first) #=> [5, 12]

Following updated question.

You could use Arie's answer to compute largest:

largest = array.max_by { |a| a[1] }[1] #=> 100

Then combine Enumerable#map with Array#compact to get:

array.map { |a| a.first if a[1] == largest}.compact #=> [5, 12]

Better still...

Use a Hash, as mentioned in my answer to your earlier question...

#=> {1=>20, 2=>40, 5=>100, 7=>15, 9=>22, 12=>100}

Largest value:

#=> 100

Key-value pairs with the largest value:

hash.select { |k, v| v == hash.values.max }
#=> {5=>100, 12=>100}

Keys with the largest value:

hash.select { |k, v| v == hash.values.max }.keys
#=> [5, 12]

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