I need to extract the meta description of an external website. I've already searched and maybe the simple answer is already out there, but I wasn't able to apply it to my code.

Currently I can get it's title doing the following:

external_sites_html = urllib.request.urlopen(url)
soup = BeautifulSoup(external_sites_html)
title = soup.title.string

However, the description is a bit trickier. It can come in the form of:

<meta name="og:description" content="blabla"
<meta property="og:description" content="blabla"
<meta name="description" content="blabla"

So what I want is to extract the first one of these that appears inside the html. It'll then be added to the database as:

entry.description = extracted_desc

If it doesn't find any description at all, then it just proceeds saving only the title.

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You can use the find method on the soup object and find the tags with specific attributes. Here we need to find the meta tag with either name attribute equal to og:description or description or property attribute equal to description.

# First get the meta description tag
description = soup.find('meta', attrs={'name':'og:description'}) or soup.find('meta', attrs={'property':'description'}) or soup.find('meta', attrs={'name':'description'})

# If description meta tag was found, then get the content attribute and save it to db entry
if description:
    entry.description = description.get('content')

You could do something like this:

# Order these in order of preference
description_selectors = [
    {"name": "description"},
    {"name": "og:description"},
    {"property": "description"}

for selector in description_selectors:
    description_tag = soup.find(attrs=selector)
    if description_tag and description_tag.get('content'):
        description = description_tag['content']
    desciption = ''

Just note, the else is for the for, and not for the if.


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