I'm currently developping a text-to-symbol conversion tool (non-profit), and I'm having this problem:

For the WYSIWYG-editting of the text, I'd like to use a nice small wysiwyg editor (like jHtmlArea). This editor will show floating divs, so I'll have to intercept a lot of keypresses (spaces/arrows/etc)

Currently, my html area is loaded like this:

<script type="text/javascript">    
$(function() {
                 loaded: function() {
                 $(this.editor).keydown(function(event) { 
                     if(event.keyCode == 32) {
                         return false;

                     return true;

The problem with this code is that this.editor doesn't have the method pasteHTML. How can I use this method from this(=htmlarea).event?

This is most probably a fairly beginner question, but I'm really clueless towards where to look.

Thank you


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Here's how I do it:

        loaded: function () {
            $.myControl = { jhtmlarea: this };

Then I can reference:

$($.myControl.jhtmlarea.editor.body).keypress(function (e) { });

This also gives me a handle to my the html area object from outside of the iFrame.


I think you're maybe getting yourself confused with the use of 'this' (I am definitely struggling to keep track of what it refers to!).

As a test, can you replace the




or maybe


and see if that helps?

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