I want to use mkview to make a view before I sourcing my _vimrc and use loadview to load view once it is sourced, but I can't find the corresponding events, did any one know?

I have already added following two lines in my _vimrc, but not works for sourcing events.

au BufLeave _vimrc,*.* mkview
au BufRead,BufEnter _vimrc,*.* silent loadview
  • Is this for sourcing your .vimrc after an edit, when Vim is already started up? Or do you want to do something before Vim sources the .vimrc at startup? – Ben Mar 12 '14 at 1:58
  • For sourcing my .vimrc after an edit, when Vim is already started up. – j5shi Mar 12 '14 at 2:34

just use BufWritePre and BufWritePost will be enough.

the following lines will load the last editing view of _vimrc when the first time it is opened, when switched to its buffer from other buffers, and after _vimrc be sourced.

au BufLeave,BufWritePre _vimrc silent mkview
au BufRead,BufEnter,BufWritePost _vimrc silent loadview

and to be more automatic, add this line to your _vimrc

au BufWritePost _vimrc so %

I would suggest a SourcePre autocmd in the .vimrc, to run prior to sourcing the vimrc itself. To restore, just run the loadview command as the last command in the vimrc itself (probably conditional on some sentinal value/flag).

I added these lines to my vimrc (located in $HOME/vimfiles/vimrc as allowed by Vim 7.4) to test whether SourcePre works for the vimrc. It will work when you source it manually, NOT when you load Vim and it sources automatically:

if !exists('s:times') | let s:times = 1 | endif
augroup TEST
  au SourcePre vimrc let s:times+=1 | echomsg "sourced vimrc" s:times "times"
augroup END

Every time I source my vimrc with :exec "source" $MYVIMRC I get a message counting the number of times I've sourced it.

  • SourcePre doesn't work, I added this event, however, it didn't triggered when _vimrc be sourced. – j5shi Mar 12 '14 at 5:12
  • It worked for me. I added an example to my answer. – Ben Mar 12 '14 at 17:55

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