I have two table as following :

CREATE TABLE StudentMaster (
  sId      SERIAL,
  StudentName VARCHAR(50)

CREATE TABLE StudentClassMap (
  studentClass VARCHAR(10),
  FOREIGN KEY (studnetId) REFERENCES StudentMaster (sId)

This is my insert query.

INSERT INTO StudentMaster (studentName) values ('Jay Parikh');

INSERT INTO StudentClassMap (studnetId, studentClass)
values ((SELECT sId from StudentMaster where studentName='Jay Parikh'),
        'M.Sc. 1st Year');

I want to define ChangeSet for thes queries in liquibase.

For First query ChangeSet will be :

<changeSet author="unknown" id="insert-example">
    <insert tableName="StudentMaster ">
        <column name="studentName" value="Jay Parikh"/>

But I don't know how to define ChangeSet for another query.
Any help ? Thanks in advance.


Use the valueComputed attribute:

<changeSet author="unknown" id="insert-example-2">
    <insert tableName="StudentClassMap">
        <column name="studentId" valueComputed="(SELECT sId from StudentMaster where studentName='Jay Parikh')"/>
        <column name="studentClass" value="McSc. 1st Year"/>

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