I'm running a web app with Jetty 9.0.5 (I could update, 9.1.2 is the latest as I write this). I have the usual web app deployer as described in the Jetty docs and defined in etc/jetty-deploy.xml. I use a Jetty xml file to define my web app context, so when I push new code to my production server, I upload a new myapp.war file using rsync and then touch that myapp.xml file. This works pretty well, but there are few seconds where the app throws a NullPointerException or other weirdness, and some users appear to be getting corrupt statically served files (.js files from the war), so that they have to flush their browser's cache for the app to work again.

Is this supposed to work perfectly, or do you expect a brief dead period like this?

I don't put the myapp.war in the webapps directory (only the the myapp.xml is there) and explodeWars is true in the deployer.


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