I have song name,artist name and album name.is there any link from where I can get cover or album art by sending these parameters?For my application I need cover art.I searched a lot to find out something but get nothing.

If there is any third party available for this,then help me with sample code .

By using Gracenote Api,I am getting song name,artist name and album name but am unable to get cover art.so I need help for this. if I externally can get the cover Art by using third party service then please help me.


Apple iTunes API has a ton of detailed information, and since its iTunes, you know it is very complete. Check more suggestions below :

  • i need to know it programmatically in android. – jarnail Mar 13 '14 at 8:34
  • iTunes sounds like a good bet. Does it have any restrictions? – the_prole Nov 24 '15 at 8:47

i know its bit late to answer but you can get the link of the cover art in gracenote response itself but you need to change some properties in its api. In initGracenote() change following

config.setProperty("content.coverart", "1");

i also recommend you to set this property also because sometimes i personally felt something chaotic in getting link

config.setProperty("content.allowfullresponse", "1");

for fetching coverart url from response do the following

String coverArt = response.getCoverArt().getUrl().toString();

Hope it help you.

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