While creating an android project in Eclipse, I get the error:

[2014-03-13 15:14:36 - appcompat_v7] WARNING: unable to write jarlist cache file C:\Users\Neelakanteshwar\AndroidFirst\appcompat_v7\bin\jarlist.cache

And appcompat_v7 folder is created along with project folder in Eclipse.

Can anyone please help me to get the solution.

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If you go to appcompat_v7/bin folder, you'll see that file jarlist.cache doesn´t appear or is unsynchronized. You need to refresh the appcompat_v7 folder, only press F5 over that folder.

The appcompat_v7 folder is added because you use an action bar component.

Aah. To avoid a new appcompat_v7_XX folder when you are creating a new project, choose a LEVEL API 14 as Minimum Required SDK.

After that, you must modifier the AndroidManifest.xml and put the level that you need.

    android:minSdkVersion="14"   ------> change it
    android:targetSdkVersion="19" />` 

Heads up! Delete all appcompat_v7_XX. It is a bug.

With appcompat_v7, you will see that Eclipse creates two XML files:

  • activity_main.xml
  • fragment_main.xml

If you want to have an option to create a project in the old way only with activity_main.xml, do that:

  • Make a copy of the folder "BlanckActivity" located in this path: \sdk\tools\templates\activities of an ADT previous version.

  • Rename the folder as BlankActivityNoFragment, then edit the field name of the file template.xml such that, it reads name=BlankActivityNoFragment

  • Copy the new folder in the same path of the new Eclipse IDE: sdk/tools/templates/activities

Now you´ll see the new template when you go to create a new project.

Remember to choose as Minimum Required SDK as API 14

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    Refreshing worked but I just deleted both projects from disk and restarted the tutorial using minSDK level 14. Thanks – Daniel Kaplan May 17 '14 at 21:13
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    Changed to level 14, cleaned all projects (Project -> Clean...) worked for me. – loopasam Aug 20 '14 at 17:49
  • Or instead of changing minSdkVersion to 14 if you dont want to, just create your new project with the appropriate minSdkVersion, let the eclipse to create a new appcompat_v7_XX file but after all delete that file and change the libraries of your project! Great answer Necho – arniotaki Aug 30 '14 at 15:44

Also got the same problem today.

  • Install and configure all the required components.

  • On the menu bar, go to: Project->Properties->Java build path.

  • On the order and export tab: check all the project libraries. I checked Android 4.4.


Change Workspace path in starting Eclipse:

  • from C:\Users\XXXXXXXX\workspace
  • to, for example D:\My_Folder

This may not be the professional way but it worked for me.

  • Manually create a folder named jar in the path: C:\Users\\***\appcompat_v7\bin\
  • Referesh your project in eclipse.

That's because you also need Adroid Version 2.1! Go to Android SDK Manager and download Android Version 2.1 (API 7)

If you start a new Android App. Project there is typed that FROM 2.1 TILL 4.4 Android version. So that mean the program is searching for the minimum Android version bro :)

BTW: Download the 2.2. Android Version, too. :)

  • I installed both 2.1 and 2.2, but still have the same issue. – tsuensiu Apr 26 '14 at 18:40

Just got the same problem today.

In my case the combination of your advices became a solution:

  1. In Eclipse project bar I have deleted Appcompat(XYZ) and the new project that I just created.

  2. Checked for updates - no updates were found.

  3. Clicked File -> Restart.

  4. While creating new project have chosen API 14 as Minimum Required SDK.



Run an Eclipse update (Help -> Check for Updates) and let me know if this resolves your problems.


Just refresh the bin folder of appcompat_v7!


This worked for me. When create android-support-v7-appcompat, mark the option "Copy projects into workspace". Now, it can write in the required directories. I hope this is helpful for you.


Well... I met the same situation. I deleted my project from eclipse and on the disk, delete the workspace from the disk, and recreate the project in the new workspace... it works.......


A different approach worked in my case, saying it here if it can help someone. I also came across this weird problem of appcompat while creating a new project.

I have just clean and build the default appcompat_v7 project for 2 times which is created by eclipse itself and voila it worked! and all errors are gone, works perfectly.


I got the same error and the following steps worked for me.

Just delete the gen and bin folders

Clean(Re build) the project.

Here is *Simple Trick:*
Create New Project
If you get the warning of jarlist Not created under the console tab
Close Eclipse and ReOpen it
Now u r done. jarlist is included in appcompat_7/bin or appcompat_7_XX/bin
  • tried this but it din't work for me. – Seenu69 Jul 4 '14 at 13:12

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