I am new to mobile deep linking. I want to do deep linking while sharing post on Facebook. I followed Facebook deep linking reference but this is done using Facebook share dialog but i am using SLComposeViewController in my app.

To do deep linking, I followed following steps:

1) I have added Facebook app id in info.plist, URL Types.
2) Also in Facebook app page, 
    -- iOS Bundle ID: my bundle ID (checked it, correct) 
    -- iPhone AppStore ID: the ID (checked it, correct)
    -- iPad AppStore ID: the ID (checked it, correct)
    -- iOS SSO: Enabled 
    -- iOS Native Deep Linking: Enabled 
    -- URL Scheme Suffix: my website url

May i missing something?

How to do mobile deep linking with SLComposeViewController ?

  • Did you ever find a way? As far as I can tell, you can't. One has to use the sdk share stuff. But I'd love to be wrong. – i_am_jorf Apr 7 '14 at 15:41

Found solution from here. If I have shared post on Facebook using SLComposeViewController then on Facebook post gets displayed with 'via iOS'. Because of this my deep-linking was not happened. But When I shared my post using SLRequest, my post gets displayed with "via xxx" and my deep-linking is working properly.

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