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I want execute netcat command from my python script, so I use the 'subprocess.Popen', but the problem is that the output of this command is directly printed in may shell console, i want o get him in a variable , so i can do some modification before printing it.

res = subprocess.Popen("nc -v 25", stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=None, shell=True)
#output = res.communicate()
#output = str(output)
#print output

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If you want make calling shell commands easy to yourself in Python use sh library.

In sh this would be:

  from sh import nc
  output = nc("-v", "", "25")  # output is string of the command output

As always, installing Python libraries are recommended to do with virtualenv.


I use this to capture output from a system command, note that it will only get the last line. Modify around lastline as needed to get more:

def GetOutput(command):
    lastline = os.popen(command).readlines()
    result = lastline[0].rstrip()
    return result

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