I'm using IDEA 12.1.4, and when I try to insert a line/block comment into an HTML file (*.html), it inserts a jinja2 style comment.


<div class="form-group">


{# <div class="form-group"> #}

I tried manually setting the Template Data Language to HTML, and jinja files should only be recognized when they have an extension of .jinja. Is there some other setting I'm missing?

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Go here to change template language settings:

File -> Settings -> Project Settings -> Python Template Languages -> Template Language -> %set_appropriate%.

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    In PyCharm 4, it is in Settings -> Languages & Frameworks -> Python Template Languages -> Template Language set to None
    – yoneal
    Dec 25, 2014 at 10:03
  • This was beautiful, thanks a lot. Jinja2 commenting screwed up my yaml scripts Oct 17, 2018 at 11:29

I think the problem occurred because my project was configured as Flask Project. That added the following configuration to my Project.iml file:

<component name="TemplatesService">
    <option name="TEMPLATE_CONFIGURATION" value="Jinja2" />
    <option name="TEMPLATE_FOLDERS">
            <option value="$MODULE_DIR$/project/app/assets/partials" />

When I manually deleted this section and closed/reopened the project, I was able to insert HTML comments.

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