I have an array of ids order say

order = [5,2,8,6]

and another array of hash

 [{id: 2,name: name2},{id: 5,name: name5}, {id: 6,name: name6}, {id: 8,name: name8}]   

I want it sorted as

[{id: 5,name: name5},{id: 2,name: name2}, {id: 8,name: name8}, {id: 6,name: name6}] 

What could be best way to implement this? I can implement this with iterating both and pushing it to new array but looking for better solution.


Try this

arr = [  
         {:id=>2, :name=>"name2"}, {:id=>5, :name=>"name5"}, 
         {:id=>6, :name=>"name6"}, {:id=>8, :name=>"name8"}

order = [5,2,8,6]

arr.sort_by { |a| order.index(a[:id]) }
# => [{:id=>5, :name=>"name5"}, {:id=>2, :name=>"name2"}, 
#{:id=>8, :name=>"name8"}, {:id=>6, :name=>"name6"}] 

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