Using Batch (or Powershell or something), I want to do the following: From folder x, I want to extract all .zip files to their own folder.


[Folder x]
- a.zip
- b.zip
- c.zip


[Folder x]
- [a]
- [b]
- [c]
- a.zip
- b.zip
- c.zip

I got until the point that I can extract every zip using the following batch:

for /r %%f in (*.zip) do "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" x "%%f" -o"%%~dpf"

But that resulted in that all contents were extracted to the root folder rather than to a new folder for each zip. I used Script to extract zip files in seperate folders to their own folders as basis for the batch line above.

Any tips?


NOTE: This is a PowerShell example, which differs significantly from your batch script. Just an FYI.

Assume that you have some ZIP files in the c:\test folder. The following script will:

  • Get a list of ZIP files in c:\test
  • For each ZIP file ...
    • Create a folder based on the ZIP file's "base name" (file name sans extension)
    • Build the command line arguments to extract the ZIP file
    • Extract the ZIP file

To make this code work for you, you will need to update:

  • The path to the ZIP file(s)
  • The path to 7za.exe
    • If 7za.exe is contained in the PATH environment variable, then you do not need to specify the full path to the executable. I simply did it for clarity.


$ZipFileList = Get-ChildItem -Path c:\test\*.zip;

foreach ($ZipFile in $ZipFileList) {
    mkdir -Path ('{0}\{1}' -f $ZipFile.Directory, $ZipFile.BaseName);
    $ArgumentList = 'x "{0}" -o"{1}\{2}\"' -f $ZipFile.FullName, $ZipFile.Directory, $ZipFile.BaseName;
    Start-Process -FilePath c:\windows\7za.exe -ArgumentList $ArgumentList -Wait;
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    Thanks! I am aware of the differences - I just need a simple script to be executed on W2k8 server, without any extra installs (we deliver it with 7z included :] ) Works like a charm! Only thing is; that I could not find any 7za.exe. So I changed ti to 7z.exe; which works as well ;-p Cheers! Mar 14 '14 at 13:21
  • Glad to hear it! 7za.exe is the command line version, but I guess 7z.exe works also :) Cheers mate. Mar 14 '14 at 13:28

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