In MySQL, you can terminate a select query with \G (as opposed to \g) to display the results vertically:

select * from foo \G

 id: 1
bar: Hello
 id: 2
bar: World

How can one do the same thing for PostgreSQL using psql?


You can do this by enabling Expanded display.

Toggle this setting via \x. For example:

# \x
Expanded display is on.
# \x
Expanded display is off.

When on, results are shown in tabular (vertical) form:

-[ RECORD 1 ]
id  | 1
bar | Hello
-[ RECORD 2 ]
id  | 2
bar | World

You can run this for a single command by using the \x\g\x suffix to toggle expanded display on, run the query, then toggle it off again.

select * from foo \x\g\x

Or via psql param as shared here

psql db -xc 'select * from table'
  • 10
    Or use -x switch when running non-interactively (psql db -xc 'select * from foo').
    – x-yuri
    Apr 20 '18 at 13:33
  • I love the suffix way !
    – Nam G VU
    Mar 13 at 1:23

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