I've inherited the maintenance of a multi-site instance of Sitecore (v6.5) that we're starting to see some cross-talk of pages. The content is structured as follows:

         /archived pages
           /archived page1
       /Home Page
         /Internal Page1
         /archived pages
       /Home PAge

For this example, site definitions are patched in such that www.site1.com has a rootPath of /sitecore/content/ and a home item Site1/Home page, www.site2.com has a similar rootPath of /sitecore/content/ and a home item Site2/Home page.

The content owners will move pages out from under the "Home Page" node to a folder called "archived pages" when they don't want them on the site anymore.

What I'm curious is if there is a way to prevent the following URL:


Rendering.SiteResolving is currently set to true, so neither site should be producing links like this, but I'd like a way to have this sort of URL return a 404 without having to resort to writing a custom pipeline component. Am I missing a simple configuration to prevent this?


Try this, make "archived pages" folder item "un-publishable" on all sites, do a publish site (smart publish), now all of archived pages are not on web database, because the parent folder is not publishable, and you should see a 404 page when hit this URL: http://www.site2.com/sitecore/content/Site1/Metadata/archived1pages/archived-page1

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    That's a good suggestion! – Ruud van Falier Mar 15 '14 at 12:01
  • Totally makes sense, thanks. – Derek Dysart Mar 16 '14 at 15:43

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