Can I expect that all devices that come with NFC hardware and Android 4.4 support HCE with features detailed at android documentation ( ISO/IEC 7816-4 with Type A).

Or at least can I expect that from major flagship phones from major manufactures like Samsung, LG, Sony,...

If it's nor workin in all 4.4 phones with NFC hardware a list of confirmed ones that it works, or an indication of it work in most one them ore only some ones will be apreciated.


Not all KitKat devices with NFC support HCE. For example, Sprint Galaxy Note 3 supports HCE; T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 does not.

I'm trying to compile the exact list you mentioned here: List of devices support HCE?


Not all Android 4.4 devices with NFC supports HCE. If the device has an option in the Settings for "Tap & Pay", most likely it has an HCE support.

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