In my server application (on Parse Cloud Code), I want save some string data. There are HTML entities here, which I want to encode.

So i find a solution with Javascript:

var txt = document.createElement("textarea");
txt.innerHTML = html;
return txt.value;

This code work perfectly on html pages, where document exists. But there isn't such variable on server.

How can i declare document variable? Or maybe you know another solutions for encoding HTML entities.


You could use html-entities on Node, install it like:

npm install html-entities

then you got entities.encode(..) and entities.decode(..) functions:

var Entities = require('html-entities').XmlEntities;
entities = new Entities();
console.log(entities.encode('<>"\'&©®')); // &lt;&gt;&quot;&apos;&amp;©®

there are more examples in usage part on gihub repo.


function encode(r){
return r.replace(/[\x26\x0A\<>'"]/g,function(r){return"&#"+r.charCodeAt(0)+";"})

test.value=encode('How to encode\nonly html tags &<>\'" nice & fast!');

* \x26 is &ampersand (it has to be first),
* \x0A is newline,
<textarea id=test rows=11 cols=55>www.WHAK.com</textarea>


Since I asked this question, I learned JavaScript and AJAX. So, my suggestion will be using AJAX and JSON for communication between browser and server-side.

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