How to remove the backslash in string using regex in Java?

For example:

hai how are\ you?

I want only:

hai how are you?
str = str.replaceAll("\\\\", "");


str = str.replace("\\", "");

replaceAll() treats the first argument as a regex, so you have to double escape the backslash. replace() treats it as a literal string, so you only have to escape it once.


You can simply use String.replaceAll()

 String foo = "hai how are\\ you?";
 String bar = foo.replaceAll("\\\\", "");
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    Umm ... is that correct? Don't you need to escape the '\' twice? Once for the literal string and once for the regex; e.g. foo.replaceAll("\\\\", "") – Stephen C Feb 11 '10 at 5:35

String foo = "hai how are\ you?"; String bar = foo.replaceAll("\\", ""); Doesnt work java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException occurs.... Find out the reason!! @Alan has already answered.. good

String bar = foo.replace("\\", ""); Does work

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