Within my project I'm reading in a CSV file and want to display it in SWT using a JFace TableViewer. Obviously enough the number of columns can vary from file to file, so I don't know how many columns there are beforehand.

My code that reads a file in, looks something like this:

final CSVDataInput in = new CSVDataInput(comboLocation.getText(), separators[selection]);
final Iterator<String[]> it = in.iterator();
final List<String[]> data = new ArrayList<String[]>();

while (it.hasNext()) {



I'm now a little bit lost in regards to passing this data on to a TableViewer in a clean way. I would like to know whether there are predefined content and/or label providers for such a case. It seems pretty basic to me, but so far I couldn't find anything suiting my case out of the box. I fiddled around with ITableLabelProvider for quite a while, but this doesn't seem right.

So what would be the best way to tackle this?

The way I'm doing it right now is to define an custom ColumnLabelProvider. This looks like something like this:

private class CSVColumnLabelProvider extends ColumnLabelProvider {

    private int column;

    public CSVColumnLabelProvider(int column) {

        this.column = column;


    public String getText(Object element) {

        return ((String[]) element)[column];



I then have to assign an instance of this class to each column, e.g.:

tableViewerColumn.setLabelProvider(new CSVColumnLabelProvider(column++));

I don't think this is a particularly nice solution, and I'm probably missing the forest for all of the trees, because this feels like a problem with a cleaner solution.

Thanks in advance!

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    I think that ColumnLabelProvider or the ITableLabelProvider are the only solutions that apply here. So I think this is fine. – greg-449 Mar 16 '14 at 8:54
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    I could use your example and instead of an array as element I had an object. Instead of the column index, I saved the property name in the ColumnLabelProvider and could invoke the correct method with reflection. Your approach was the best I could find. – llundin Jul 5 '14 at 16:07

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