jQuery mobile applies different class names on elements based on data-theme attribute when a page is initially loaded: like adding 'ui-bar-a' to a bar if data-theme='a'.

I want to dynamically change the theme on a JQM page, without reloading the page itself, like what JQM themeroller does: http://themeroller.jquerymobile.com/?ver=1.3.2

But changing the data-theme attribute doesn't trigger the theme switch, JQM javascript still needs to redo what it does at initial page load. How to trigger jquery mobile to rerender the page? I looked at documentation but didn't find any API for this.

Relevant question: Dynamically changing theme


Forget the triggering logic on page load and just remove and set classes yourself.

  • That will work. But the solution is ugly, every time I add some widgets to the page, I need to remember to add a line of theme code for it. I think things like switching a theme should be the framework's job. – NeoWang Mar 16 '14 at 9:00

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