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I have a situation like this... I am working on a project that at some point got bigger than I thought it would be. This is project contains basically 2 important parts that work together but I want to separate them.

the first part contains this structure:

-- app
---- templates
------- compiled
------- form-template-files
--------- [some-files]
---- Formbuilder
------- Handlers
--------- Default.php
--------- DGSD.php
------- HandlerInterface.php
------- FormBuilder.php
-- public
---- [some client files]
---- index.php
-- vendor

This project grew and now I wish to separate FormBuilder directory from the app, into a new repository so I can add it into the packagist so after I could include FormBuilder as a package using composer

The question is how I do this? How to grab the folder with related commits and move them into a new repository, so I could later use this as a package?

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