I'm new to scala and slick and am having a bit of trouble.

I am trying to implement a custom type mapper that supports nulls.

This example is straightforward...


I'm looking for an example where the column can defined as [Option[MyColumnT]]

I thought I could do something like this

implicit val oAuth1InfoColumnType = MappedColumnType.base[Option[OAuth1Info], Option[String]](
        case Some(info) => {
            val skv = new SKV("token", info.token)
            skv.append("secret", info.secret)
        case None => None
        case Some(infoStr) => {
            val skv = new SKV(infoStr)
            Some(OAuth1Info(skv("token"), skv("secret")))
        case None => None
def oAuth1Info = column[Option[OAuth1Info]]("oauth1_info")

However, this results in an error.

[error] could not find implicit value for evidence
parameter of type slick.driver.PostgresDriver.BaseColumnType[Option[String]]

Obviously I'm not understanding whether or not it's my responsibility to deal with the nulls vs. just providing an implicit type mapper as [MyColumnT, String] without Option. So, I'm looking for an example.


Option support should work out of the box. Just define a MappedColumnType.base[OAuth1Info, String] and use it: column[Option[OAuth1Info]](...).

  • Thanks! Marking as answered. Following the suggestion I no longer get the errors. However, I have been unable to validate I get the proper values from the database at this point... am in the process of validating it now... – m2512 Mar 18 '14 at 5:00
  • Works great for me. – Taylor R Nov 28 '16 at 23:45

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