We are trying to collect the instruction trace of a Java program using pin tool. However, we are not able to comprehend certain behaviour of some of the pin tools on the java programs.

We tried two sample programs for our comparison: java_helloworld (which is a simple hello world program) and c_simplefork (which is a simple C program which forks a child process).

  1. follow_execv command line switch : It executes all the processes spawned by the execv class system calls with Pin. However, it does not work in the expected way for the java programs. We observed a contradictory behaviour in the outputs of inscount and itrace pin tools. However, we even observed an expected linear trend with the inscount tool used with the follow_execv switch on a prime number calculation program which is not the same for the case of itrace tool. Do the inscount and itrace tools take into account different kind of instructions for each of them?
  2. PIN_AddFollowChildProcessFunction is supposed to call the helper function when a child is created. In this, if we run c_simplefork, it correctly reports the process id of the child process, however java_helloworld does not. Apparently, java_helloworld should also have shown the correct child process id because it also does a clone system call. We noted the arguments of the clone() system call in the strace output for both the programs. For java_helloworld CLONE_VM | CLONE_FS | CLONE_FILES | CLONE_SIGHAND |CLONE_THREAD |CLONE_SYSVSEM |CLONE_SETTLS | CLONE_PARENT_SETTID | CLONE_CHILD_CLEARTID. for c_simplefork - CLONE_CHILD_CLEARTID | CLONE_CHILD_SETTID | SIGCHLD. So, is this behaviour due to the difference in the arguments of clone() call in both the codes?
  3. fork_jit_tool :
    on java_helloworld -
    with follow_execv - does not go into any of the methods executed at each FPOINTS
    without follow_execv - same as above
    on c_simplefork -
    with follow_execv - goes into all the 3 methods executed at each FPOINTS and prints the correct child process id also.
    without follow_execv - same as above
    Why doesnt the java program enter the methods which are executed at each FPOINTS , even if it actually spawned a child process?
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    Maybe one question at a time? – Niklas B. Mar 16 '14 at 14:37
  • @NiklasB. Well, if you can help me with the fork_jit_tool part, that would be great :) The main problem seems to be with the way pin-tool emulator handles clone system call and self modifying code. – prathmesh.kallurkar Mar 16 '14 at 18:03

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