I am following along with the SDL2.0 tutorials by LazyFoo, using Code::Blocks 13.12. I have had no trouble getting SDL2 linked and running in VS2010 but have changed IDE and come across this error:

winapifamily.h: No such file or directory

I think everything is linked correctly. I have pointed the program to my SDL2 include and lib directories.

Buildlog: (error is occuring in file: ..\include\SDL2\SDL_platform.h)

=== Build: Debug in SDL2_Setup (compiler: GNU GCC Compiler) ===

fatal error: winapifamily.h: No such file or directory

=== Build fails: 1 error(s), 0 warning(s) (0 minute(s), 0 second(s)) ===

This is my first time asking a question on here. I did Google for an answer and search the existing questions/answers on here but was unable to solve the issue. Here is my code also.

My Code:

// Using SDL and standard IO
#include <SDL.h>
#include <stdio.h>

// Screen dimension constants
const int SCREEN_WIDTH = 640;
const int SCREEN_HEIGHT = 480;

int main( int argc, char* args[] )
    // The window we'll be rendering to
    SDL_Window* window = NULL;

    // The surface contained by the window
    SDL_Surface* screenSurface = NULL;

    // Initialize SDL
    if( SDL_Init( SDL_INIT_VIDEO) < 0 )
        printf( "SDL could not initialize! SDL_GetError: %s\n", SDL_GetError() );
        // Create window
        if( window == NULL )
            printf( "Window could not be created! SDL_GetError: %s\n", SDL_GetError() );
            // Get window surface
            screenSurface = SDL_GetWindowSurface( window );

            // Fill the surface white
            SDL_FillRect( screenSurface, NULL, SDL_MapRGB( screenSurface->format, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF));

            // Update the surface
            SDL_UpdateWindowSurface( window );

            // Wait two seconds
            SDL_Delay( 2000 );

    // Destroy window
    SDL_DestroyWindow( window );

    // Quit SDL subsystems

    return 0;
  • I don't think VS 10 have this header file. it is a new header. check if your project have or missing some macro regarding the OS type.
    – SHR
    Mar 17, 2014 at 2:56

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UPDATE: SDL 2.0.4 is now out, includes a fix for this bug, and is available for download at http://libsdl.org/download-2.0.php

This is a bug in SDL 2.0.3. A fix has been committed for SDL's next release. In the meantime, here's a link to the fixed copy of SDL_platform.h:


If you drop the file into SDL 2.0.3's include\SDL2\ directory, overwriting the original, your app(s) should compile ok.

  • Like a charm! - Compiling in an ubuntu (host) for windows 64 bit (target) with mingw, following this tuto willusher.io/sdl2%20tutorials/2013/08/15/lesson-0-mingw (without cmake, with direct makefile for mingw) also failed with the same error. I just placed this file into SDL2-2.0.3/x86_64-w64-mingw32/include/SDL2 (which is the headers I include) and it solved the problem. The only diff with that version is a condition in an if that changed it's line. Thnx David. Just in case this dropbox disappears... is this file committed to the main repo?? Aug 20, 2014 at 9:24
  • Yes, the changes were committed to the official, SDL2 repo. Aug 27, 2014 at 19:06
  • 3
    To add: that change was committed after 2.0.3. The next release should contain the fix. Until that release is made, if the Dropbox link dies, here's another link to the fixed copy: hg.libsdl.org/SDL/raw-file/e217ed463f25/include/SDL_platform.h Aug 27, 2014 at 19:17
  • 2
    This issue returns in SDL2 2.0.4 when used with Visual Studio 2015 U3 using the WinXP compatibility toolset vs140_xp. Seems that as of U3 the macro _USING_V110_SDK71_ is no longer automatically set. It is not clear to me whether this is an issue with SDL2 or an issue with VS2015U3.
    – Zsar
    Jul 7, 2016 at 15:32
  • Zsar, I am unable to reproduce your error, using either SDL 2.0.4, or the latest SDL2 code from hg.libsdl.org/SDL . Any chance that you could send me more information on how you are reproducing this? If there's a bug in SDL, I'd like to get a fix in, if possible. Oct 5, 2016 at 20:36

The quick fix. Comment out lines 121 to 132 inclusively in SDL_platform.h The file loads into C::B when the error occurs. Save it and build away!


I had that problem. Go to

C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Include\shared

and find winapifamily.h, then copy it to your

..\Mingw\Include\ folder

Edit: I think I have windows kits files because of visual studio 2012 or later, sorry. I am glad you could solve your problem.

Yeap, the problem is in that header (lines 117 to 134 in SDL_plataform.h version SDL 2.0.3):

#if defined(WIN32) || defined(_WIN32) || defined(__CYGWIN__)
/* Try to find out if we're compiling for WinRT or non-WinRT */
/* If _USING_V110_SDK71_ is defined it means we are using the v110_xp or v120_xp toolset. */
#if defined(__MINGW32__) || (defined(_MSC_VER) && (_MSC_VER >= 1700) && !_USING_V110_SDK71_)    /* _MSC_VER==1700 for MSVC 2012 */
#include <winapifamily.h>
#undef __WINDOWS__
#define __WINDOWS__   1
/* See if we're compiling for WinRT: */
#undef __WINRT__
#define __WINRT__ 1
#undef __WINDOWS__
#define __WINDOWS__   1
#endif /* _MSC_VER < 1700 */
#endif /* defined(WIN32) || defined(_WIN32) || defined(__CYGWIN__) */
  • I do not have a 'Windows Kits' folder on my C:. Is that a Windows 8 thing? I'm running 64bit Win 7. Mar 17, 2014 at 4:35
  • 1
    Just after I posted this questions (2 hours ago at time of writing), it was answered elsewhere as revealed by further Google searching. This replacement for SDL_platform.h solved the issue for me: marshut.com/irzuki/sdl-platform-h.html Mar 17, 2014 at 4:48
  • 1
    Above link is broken
    – marknuzz
    Jul 3, 2016 at 10:58

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