I would like to present comprehensive arguments to my stakeholders for migration from SOAP to REST. I have spend several years implementing both the SOAP and the REST protocols on the client side (that is why I write this question) and clearly the REST technology was the better one (from the client side perspective: maintainability, scalability, quality of tools, libraries). I'm aware the server side devs put a lot of effort during years to polish the SOAP implementation.

But because I do not know the server perspective so well I would expect to see here in replies cons and pros of both technologies provided by experienced developers (especially on the server side). I know there is plenty of resources dedicated to this issue, companies spent maybe years arguing before they had found a resolution (Yahoo, etc). Can you select the three top reasons why REST is better then SOAP (in long term perspective)?

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Thank you.

Edit: The problem I have with the possible duplicates is the replies contain rather emotional expressions then factual arguments.

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