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I am programming a functional Java/Jython game engine and I'd like it to be able to run on most any computer. Though a computers' Java may be up-to-date it will not recognize "java" as a command (batch).

I'm searching for a solution that results in no extra work for the consumer (downloading/installing JRE) and allows anyone to be able to run the game.

The computer I'm experimenting with 'does' possess JRE 7, however it doesn't recognize 'Java'.

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As noted in the answers: If you include the JRE in your shipped package you can put it in a known directory and set paths and/or invoke it with that knowledge. Otherwise, I don't see a solution short of searching the user's machine for a compatible JRE... which will be painfully slow. – keshlam Mar 18 '14 at 3:01
Thank you all for your help! – Luft Mar 18 '14 at 3:05

You can ship the JRE with your application and use that JRE for your application. The effect is the same: The application will be started through an executable (wrapper needed) or script (batch) file and the target machine does not need to have a java runtime installed. Java doesn't have to be 'installed', it just has to be 'present'. Or You may also: Use Excelsior JET compiler for that purpose. See for more information on this.

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You can bundle your game with JRE in your installer.

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