I set a new breakpoint using setBreakpoint(3) (where 3 is the line number).

If I want to remove it I can use clearBreakpoint(3), but how can I remove all breakpoints added this way?

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This is not ideal, but, it works. You can use the following - I left it as a one-liner so you can copy it easily. Note: the output is ugly, but it works.

var i=500; while(i--){clearBreakpoint('/path/to/file/with/breakpoints.js', i); }

Of course, first make sure you set i = to the number of lines in your file or at least the last one with a breakpoint on it, and, your own file path. Note: you may not need to specify file name if you didn't specify it when you set the breakpoint.

Expanded for readability:

var i = 500;  // number of lines in file

   // in my experiments, you *must* use the filename, but
   // I had defined my filename when I set the breakpoints
   clearBreakpoint('/path/to/file/with/breakpoints.js', i);
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    Thanks for this - was having trouble clearing breakpoints. Pretty crazy that you need to specify the whole path. Mar 4, 2015 at 22:17

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