I am new to AWS setup: here are the steps i followed to setup a Django web server. ( but its not running on public ip )

  1. created AWS instance
  2. installed Django 1.6.2
  3. created sample app
  4. added security group (Inbound Requests) of running instance with HTTP - TCP - 80 -
  5. tried following ways to run server.

    python manage.py runserver

    python manage.py runserver ec2-XX-XXX-XXX-XX.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com:8000

    python manage.py runserver

but server is not accesible from the Public DNS given by EC2.

NOTE: running micro instance with ubuntu 12.04 (LTS) with virtualenv.

what is missing in the above steps. Thanks.

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sudo python manage.py runserver did the trick.


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