Provided I'm not missing something that should be obvious, the OSX version of bash is different from Linux here, because I thought this question would provide all I needed to know. It didn't.

I'm trying to use find to find all directories that do not begin with "." (Mac OS X uses the .-prefix for hidden folders, e.g., /volumes/OD/.Trashes). I want to pipe all the non-hidden directories to rysnc to periodically mirror two local directories.

I tested to make sure I'm using find correctly with this code here:

find /volumes/OD -type d -iname ".*"

It finds the directories:


So far so good. But when I try negating the condition I just tested, I get an error:

find /volumes/OD -type d -iname ! ".*"

yields this error:

find: .*: unknown primary or operator

I've tried escaping the "." with "\", but I only get the same error message. I've tried removing the parenthesis, but I get same error message. What am I missing here? Should I be using another operator besides iname?


The ! must precede the condition:

find    /volumes/OD    -type d    '!' -iname '.*'

That said, you shouldn't need to pipe your file-list from find to rsync; I'm sure the latter offers a way to exclude dot-folders. Maybe

rsync --exclude='.*' ...


  • Thanks for your close reading of my question. Moving the '!' in front of the condition answered it. And using rsync --exclude='.*' ... solved my problem. – Crowder Mar 18 '14 at 22:41

Reason : ! is prefix of jobs such as:


You should do :

find    /volumes/OD    -type d    \! -iname '.*'

ruakh has got the right answer, but here is an alternate way of doing a search:

find /volumes/OD -type d -not -iname ".*"

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