We are planning to build a poker app that targets WPF (Win 7,8), Windows Store (Win 8 Modern UI) and Windows Phone 8 and want to use mvvmcross for the same. I was testing out a few things after installing Ninja Coder for mvvmcross.

1. The Windows Phone 8 project generated by Ninja Coder (3.0.2) is not in a buildable state. I get an error in the project for the line FastApplicationSwitcingService.Initialize(). I commented the same to build the project successfully, but the app does not run on the emulator at all. What do I need to do to fix this?

2. The default project structure created by NinjaCoder has a class named FirstViewModel in the core project and FirstView in the platform specific projects. I didn't want any View or ViewModels in the main Core or Platform projects. I wanted them to be in separate assemblies. So I created two more assemblies and moved the FirstView and FirstViewModel into these assemblies.

I then added overrides for GetViewAssemblies and GetViewModelAssemblies in setup.cs to load the newly created view and viewmodel assemblies. Now the problem is how do I locate and load the starting view which is in another assembly. For instance, I may want to use an Id or Name to indicate which start view I want to show and the same may be present in any one of the assemblies loaded. What is the best way to do this?

As a test, I tried using the IMvxViewModelByNameLookup to get the ViewModel type from Name and tried to pass it to ShowViewModel. I was able to show the view this way, but is it the right approach?

3. Is there any documentation detailing all the classes and interfaces exposed by mvvmcross. The documentation in github seems to be only covering specific use cases.

  • For issues about the Ninja Coder, I recommend you raise issues directly on the project site github.com/asudbury/NinjaCoderForMvvmCross. For your second question, I'd suggest maybe try editing the question a little - I'm finding it hard to understand what you've done at present (sorry). For the 3rd question, most people seem to start with blogs, magazine articles, the N+1 video tutorials and the wiki. Additional community contributions - including on docs - are always welcome. – Stuart Mar 21 '14 at 10:51
  • Regarding my second point, I have updated the description to be more clear about what I was trying to do. – DarthCorder Mar 22 '14 at 21:43

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