I want to open a document in the current tab in an external application (MacVim for example). Based on a StackOverflow answer I created an Automator service with following AppleScript code:

    tell application "Xcode"
        set current_document to last source document
        set current_document_path to path of current_document
    end tell

    tell application "MacVim"
        open current_document_path
    end tell

The issue is, that it opens the file from the first tab and not from the current tab. How can I get the path of the current tab?


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Following workaround based on SO answer works for me.

As noted in the comment there: This works EXCEPT if you are using the Assistant editor - then you end up with whatever happens to be in the Standard Editor. – Lloyd Sargent but for me it's better than the first tab.

on run {input, parameters}

    set current_document_path to ""

    tell application "Xcode"
        set last_word_in_main_window to (word -1 of (get name of window 1))
        if (last_word_in_main_window is "Edited") then
            display notification "Please save the current document and try again"
            -- eventually we could automatically save the document when this becomes annoying
            set current_document to document 1 whose name ends with last_word_in_main_window
            set current_document_path to path of current_document
        end if
    end tell

    tell application "MacVim"
        if (current_document_path is not "") then
            open current_document_path
        end if
    end tell

    return input
end run

try the following

tell application "Xcode"
    set docs to source documents
    if length of docs is less than 1 then
        display dialog "for ....... I need at least 1 document"
    end if
    path of last item of source documents   
end tell

The JXA version of solution provided in other answers:

 * Note: Works only for Xcode "Standard Editor". Anything opened in Xcode "Assistant editor" not reachable via JXA ;(
 * Note: Might/Will not working properly if you have several files with the same name.
 * @returns {object|undefined} Instance of the `SourceDocument`.
function getActiveSourceDocument() {
  const appXcode = Application("com.apple.dt.Xcode");

  const appWindows = appXcode.windows();
  const activeWindow = appWindows[0]; // Active window always has index 0

  /** @type {string} */
  const activeWindowName = activeWindow.name();
  let fileNameComponents = activeWindowName.split("—");
  fileNameComponents = fileNameComponents.map((el) => el.trim());
  let fileName = fileNameComponents[fileNameComponents.length - 1];
  // Below case when document have unsaved changes.
  if (fileName == "Edited") {
    fileName = fileNameComponents[fileNameComponents.length - 2];

  const sourceDocs = appXcode.sourceDocuments();
  let result = undefined;
  for (let index = 0; index < sourceDocs.length; index++) {
    const sourceDoc = sourceDocs[index];
    const sourceDocFileName = sourceDoc.name();
    if (sourceDocFileName == fileName) {
      result = sourceDoc;
  return result;

// Usage
const activeSourceDoc = getActiveSourceDocument();

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