I created a C++ file, adjacent_find.cpp in a directory, using g++, I compiled it successfully and an output file was generated. When I list the content of the directory from the terminal, I see three files:

Linux-Host:~/Desktop/Algorithms/algorithm # ls
adjacent_find.cpp    adjacent_find.cpp~    output

What is the purpose and meaning of the file with the tilde (~)? I can only see the file with the tilde (~) from the terminal, it is not displayed in my file browser.

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Files ending with ~ is actually a snapshot of the oriinal file before it was saved. So basically, they're backups, and you can safely delete them if you want to.

And these are not created by g++. They are created by the text editor.

  • Appreciate your assistance. – Jacques Mar 19 '14 at 9:43

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