I am working on a W8.1 App and have a big problem with the way a flyout is automatically repositioned when the soft-keyboard shows up:

I have created a demo that show how great the flyout positioning works: http://1drv.ms/1kCgzMe

Scenario 1:

  • Run the App in in the Simulator (or on device with soft-keyboard)
  • Click on Item6. This will show a flyout left to the item.
  • Focus the TextBox within the flyout to bring up the keyboard. The Flyout will be centered over the list (jump to the right) is resized to fit above the keyboard but it gets just about 2/3 of the available height.

==> How to avoid the jumping and how to give the Flyout 100% of the available height?

Scenario 2:

  • Close the keyboard and the flyout to start over.
  • Click on Item12. The Flyout will be placed above the item.
  • Focus the TextBox and the Flyout will be moved up.

==> TextBox is no longer visible

Moving the focused TextBox off screen is really not a good idea when the user should be able to see what he is typing. Is there is good way to make the repositioning of the Flylout a little bit more clever?

  • Did you solve this? – Mina Samy Oct 22 '15 at 12:12

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