I want to display some text with R shiny:

 h4("Hello world!   \t \t   Hier I'm)

How can I add tab symbols into the text?


The pre tag preserves spaces and line breaks; and escaped characters like \t are interpreted. For example : tags$pre(h4("Hello world! \t \t Hier I'm)).

  • Ahh, good answer! – MDe Mar 20 '14 at 12:44

You can't really directly enter a tab character like you can in R. You can insert consecutive   values for spaces - this example puts 4 spaces into the space that you have above:

h4("Hello world!    Hier I'm)

Alternatively you can add padding or margin to your CSS for h4 tags. See this link for explanation:

HTML: Tab space instead of multiple non-breaking spaces ("nbsp")?

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    It doesn't work anymore. – jjankowiak Jan 19 '17 at 12:20

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