I have a subversion repository with a layout like this:


It is this way for historical reasons, which aren't really up for debate and so I won't go into here.

I'm trying to use this layout with Eclipse (Juno) using the Subversive plug in. The .project file lives in /trunk/<projectname>, and I can check out a project from trunk with no problem. However if I try to create a new branch for a project using subversive, I seem to get into trouble. Creating a branch with a path /branches/<projectname>/<branchname>, it gets transformed into a branch /branches/<projectname>/<branchname>/<projectname>.

The repository properties dialog has no visible options which allow for this layout - although the Advanced tab has fields for "Resource names" which default to as "trunk", "branches" and "tags", these evidently cannot contain a path separator without being rejected as an "invalid resource name"

I've read the documentation for Subversive. It talks about a "Repository Location project layout", and states that with this "the user is free to change this layout by any way he wish" [sic] - but it doesn't really explain how.

In short What's the correct, or most expedient way to use this layout within Eclipse?

Note, I really need a way which will appease those users uncomfortable with the command line subversion client, so dropping to the command line won't be a very satisfactory solution.


I have not used it, and I'm not using eclipse for branching/merging operations, but in Window/Preferences/Team/SVN > project structure, you can modify project structure. Not sure exaclty what it do , but you can try playing with structure settings and manual specification.

Command line subversion don't really assume a structure, given a tag/branch is only a simple (remote preferably) copy, so you may be able to just copy from Eclipse (IIRC it's possible in the repositories view).

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  • Thanks - I hadn't found that. Saying that, although the "Project Structure" tab section "Structure Settings" includes fields for "trunk", "tags" and "branches", I still have the same issue I described above, in that any attempt to add a path separator "/" is disallowed. I can't yet see any other settings which would help.... – wu-lee Mar 21 '14 at 12:17
  • Later: you were essentially right, although I didn't understand that "manual specification" was a literal checkbox name and not manually editing a field. I am still baffled by the documentation for project structure. – wu-lee Mar 24 '14 at 12:03

This has been answered on the Eclipse Subversive forum here:


To quote:

It is not the one of recommended layouts, so the automation is not available for it. In order to use such a layout you should open plug-in preferences and change the following option: Window->Preferences->Team->SVN->Project structure->Branch and Tag settings from "Respect project structure" to "Manual specification"

I have checked and it does seem to work, although unfortunately it is a global setting and not a per-project setting.

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