How can I compile c++ code that uses dynamic or static libraries with Sublime text?

For instance:


int main()
    return 0;

The code above require something like:

g++ dummy.cpp -o dummy -lboost_filesystem

What I want is configure Sublime text and then when I press Ctrl+B -lboost_filesystem be part of the build command.


Create a new file with the following contents:

    "cmd": ["g++", "${file}", "-o", "${file_base_name}", "-lboost_filesystem"],
    "file_regex": "^(..[^:]*):([0-9]+):?([0-9]+)?:? (.*)$",
    "working_dir": "${file_path}",
    "selector": "source.c++",
    "shell": true

and save it as Packages/User/C++_Boost.sublime-build where Packages is the folder opened when you select Preferences -> Browse Packages.... Next, select Tools -> Build System -> C++_Boost and you should be able to build by hitting CtrlB.

  • I was looking at the Sublime Text 3 interface and found out that you can go to Tools -> Build System -> New Build system this will create a template build system for you, that you can modify at will. – Raydel Miranda May 26 '14 at 20:00

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