I'm trying to use grep to look through a file, and find words starting with the lowercase letter "s". Snippet of the file:

sjpope   pts/2    10:21am 43.00s  0.13s  0.01s  man bc
rmschalk pts/3    10:22am  1.00s  0.10s  0.02s  vi testb
jntrudel pts/4     10:23am  2.00s  0.09s  0.00s  vi testb
tjbanks  pts/5     10:41am  8.00s  0.06s  0.04s  -ksh

I want the output to have line stating with "s".

  • What have you tried so far, and how did the output differ from what you expected? – Kirk Strauser Mar 19 '14 at 23:25

For all these that want to search for words starting with given letter not for lines this one-liner will do:

grep -E '\bs' file.txt # all words starting with s
grep -E 's\b' file.txt # all words ending with s

I know that this is non standard grep behavior (\b regex anchor that means word break is not in extended regular expressions standard) but it works on most modern systems.

  • This works for curl (grep for stderr), as well – Nahshon paz Aug 16 '18 at 11:08

Try the following:

grep ^s file.txt
  • Can you more specifically define "doesn't work"? – Mark J. Bobak Aug 17 '18 at 16:33
  • my previous comment "This doesn't works for curl html output (grep for stderr)" was wrong, apologies. I get blank lines from some xml outputs using curl and grep with a carrot, but not from all sources. Seems to be a text filtering issue with my sed expression. Anyway, the regex example above works on words within a line so it does a "better" job, in my particular instance – Nahshon paz Aug 19 '18 at 11:03

Yo can use

grep ^s file.txt

command to get list of all line starting from s character.


Using standard grep you can search words starting with s, using \< (start of word) and \>(end of word) regexp:

grep '\<[s][[:alpha:]]*\>' file.txt # Words starting with s

Also if you want to output the lines starting with s, you just have to use the ^ character:

grep '^s' file.txt # Lines starting with s

Have you tried using a regular expression? The ^ character will search from the beginning of the string. In your particular case, for example, if you want all results that start with a lowercase 's':

    cat file | grep ^s

or simply

grep ^s file
  • 2
    pointless use of cat. – tink Mar 20 '14 at 0:10

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