Is it possible to detect a silent SMS in application? I'm working on a project that registers users by SMS verification code (Phone number). The current workflow in application is that the user writes his phone number and requests verification code. The server sends the verification code by SMS to the previously written phone number. Now the part that I want to change is, instead of forcing the user to shut off my application and go to the SMS app to copy the verification code, then going back to my app and pasting the code and finally registering. I want to use some other way like: Server is sending a silent SMS, the application detects it, reads the verification code and verify the user.

Are there any ways to simplify the verification process for the user? It does not have to be a silent/stealth SMS

This app has >IOS6 requirements

  • I really think that the answer is NO. I think Apple does not allow you to interact on this level with the operating system. – WhiteLine Mar 20 '14 at 15:21
  • No, unless you jailbreak. – Larme Mar 20 '14 at 15:21
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Its not possible to read an SMS with objective c, nor is it possible to send an SMS to an iOS device and not have the user alerted.

If you want to implement an "Enter you phone number to receive a code" system, you must have the user copy the code in.

This may be possible with a jailbreak, but can't confirm that. From an apple, and being approved by the appstore point of view. Big no no

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