I have a list of links in a ListView. I want to add an mouseEventListener to each cell of the list so that whenever a user double clicks the list item link is opened. I can write the functionality of opening the link on my own but I am not able to add the doubleclick event with every cell in the list. Please help...


Let us consider your ListView as playList. Now you can implement the mouse listener with double click functionality on each cell using

playList.setOnMouseClicked(new EventHandler<MouseEvent>() {

    public void handle(MouseEvent click) {

        if (click.getClickCount() == 2) {
           //Use ListView's getSelected Item
           currentItemSelected = playList.getSelectionModel()
           //use this to do whatever you want to. Open Link etc.
  • Approach works, but does also fire as soon as you click twice in a "empty" space in the listview. Can you somehow bind that only on the items?
    – Lukas
    May 6 '16 at 12:21
  • @Lucè Brùlè its depend on where you attach the event.
    – Ari
    Jul 27 '17 at 1:53
  • I think it needs a ); after the last } at the bottom.
    – nicomp
    Jun 9 '20 at 21:09
  • 1
    @nicomp Good catch! ;) Jun 10 '20 at 9:21

I had to solve the same sort of issue, my ListView contains a grid pane and labeled text so you'll have to change the 'instanceof' and the other side of the 'or' to what you have.

(Assuming your ListView is named listView):

listView.setOnMouseClicked(new EventHandler<MouseEvent>() {
    public void handle(MouseEvent event) {
        if(event.getButton() == MouseButton.PRIMARY && event.getClickCount() == 2 &&
           (event.getTarget() instanceof LabeledText || ((GridPane) event.getTarget()).getChildren().size() > 0)) {

           //your code here        

It is possible if the user clicks near the very edge of the item and the border of the ListView for it not to pass the if loop but it sounds like the user won't be doing that in your case.

Hope this helps.

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