Please see the code here

var IQuery = {
    idxName: 'session',
    //keyRange: window.IDBKeyRange.only('1')
    keyRange: IDBKeyRange.only('1')

why it doesn't recognize IDBKeyRange ?

in lib.d.ts, I see these definitions.

interface IDBKeyRange {
    upper: any;
    upperOpen: boolean;
    lower: any;
    lowerOpen: boolean;
    bound(lower: any, upper: any, lowerOpen?: boolean, upperOpen?: boolean): IDBKeyRange;
    only(value: any): IDBKeyRange;
    lowerBound(bound: any, open?: boolean): IDBKeyRange;
    upperBound(bound: any, open?: boolean): IDBKeyRange;
declare var IDBKeyRange: {
    prototype: IDBKeyRange;
    new (): IDBKeyRange;

This was a bug in the lib.d.ts file. You can get an updated copy from the CodePlex site.

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