This seems pretty straightforward, but for some reason I'm not finding anything about how to do it. I'm using SQL Server Management Studio 2012, and I have a set of results returned from a SELECT query, say, select a,b from x. How can I search in column b for a substring? In Access I would click on the column and type Ctrl+F, but in SSMS that seems to only be used for searching the SQL itself, not the results. How can I search in my results? I know I can modify my query to only return that result, e.g.:

select a,b from x where b like '*hello*'

but I want to get all the rows returned, not just that one.

UPDATE: The responses I'm getting are about how to build a query that selects only the rows I'm looking for, which, as I specified above, is not what I'm looking for. I want all rows returned, and I want to look around in the search results in the SSMS interface to find the desired values. The reason is that I want to see these values in the context of other rows that don't have them.


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In SQL Server Management Studio, you can output your query results to text (CTRL + T), re-run your query, click in the results pane, and CTRL + F to find strings from an unfiltered query. To revert query results to grid, hit CTRL + D.

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    Why I never thought of it? :) May 13, 2015 at 7:42
  • It seems there is a bug on recent version that you can't ctrl+f the results, it keeps poping the regular search box for the documents
    – RollRoll
    Jul 17, 2020 at 15:51

There is no native SSMS functionality to search through results grid.

That is why I have added this function into my add-in (SSMSBoost): it allows to search through results grid using wildcards. There are some other add-ins allowing to do it as well.


select a, substring(b, 2, 3) as b from x



select a,b from x where b like '%hello%'


select a,b from x where charindex('hello',b)>0

CHARINDEX is far faster than LIKE.


Just spit the snippet of text out in an extra column where the term is first found in the larger string. To do this, look at this example:

declare @FindThis varchar(100)

set @FindThis = 'California'

select ID, description, SUBSTRING(description, charindex(@FindThis , description)-40,80) as ItIsFoundHere
     FROM [myTable]
     where description like '%' + @FindThis + '%'

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