How can I connect to SQL Server from command prompt using Windows authentication?

This command

Sqlcmd -u username -p password 

assumes a username & password for the SQL Server already setup

Alternatively how can I setup a user account from command prompt?

I've SQL Server 2008 Express on a Windows Server 2008 machine, if that relates.

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You can use different syntax to achieve different things. If it is windows authentication you want, you could try this:

sqlcmd /S  /d  -E

If you want to use SQL Server authentication you could try this:

sqlcmd /S  /d -U -P 


/S = the servername/instance name. Example: Pete's Laptop/SQLSERV
/d = the database name. Example: Botlek1
-E = Windows authentication.
-U = SQL Server authentication/user. Example: Pete
-P = password that belongs to the user. Example: 1234

Hope this helps!


Try This :

--Default Instance


--Named Instance




More details can be found here


This might help..!!!

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After some tries, these are the samples I am using in order to connect:

Specifying the username and the password:

sqlcmd -S -U NotSA -P NotTheSaPassword

Specifying the DB as well:

sqlcmd -S -d SomeSpecificDatabase -U NotSA -P NotTheSaPassword

type sqlplus/"as sysdba" in cmd for connection in cmd prompt

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    sqlplus is ORACLEDB utility not SQL server. Aug 23, 2018 at 12:07

here is the commend which is tested Sqlcmd -E -S "server name" -d "DB name" -i "SQL file path"

-E stand for windows trusted


If you are running Linux, Mac OS or Windows, you can use MSSQL-CLI. Read the tutorial at https://www.mssqltips.com/sqlservertip/5298/new-interactive-command-line-tool-mssqlcli-for-sql-server/

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